Monday, July 13, 2009

Amelita's Spanish/Cuban Cafe

So I had lunch at this hole in the wall place on Saturday called Amelita's. It's a small cuban cafe. The cafe is in a little plaza of 62nd Avenue and 2nd Street North in St. Petersburg FL. They recently just opened in this location. The atmosphere needs a lot of work. Not a lot going on. The food was good, but I've had far better cuban food, but the cuban coffee was excellent.

We had Roasted Pork with a side of Yellow Rice and Fried Plantains. The pork was nice and tender, could use a little side of Mojo sauce. The yellow rice was a little on the greasy side but it had flavor. We also ordered a cuban sandwich, which had a good amount of ham in it. I liked how it didn't have an abundance of mayo and mustard.

I would definitely go back to have coffee, and perhaps try something else on the menu, if I'm ever in the mood for cuban food and don't want to drive too far.

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